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Sex Tape Article

Sex Without Love and Love Without Sex
By Christina Sponias

Christina_Sponias Christina_Sponias Christina-Sponias_70016 Christina Sponias

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Sex Tape News

Iggy responds to hacker sex tape threat

IGGY Azalea has responded to threats from hackers who have said they will leak her alleged sex tape if she doesn?t apologise to rapper Azealia Banks.


Iggy sex tape blackmail?

Sign in to comment! Does the rapper Azalea Banks have the hacking group Anonymous on her side in her ongoing feud with rapper Iggy Azalea? Banks, who is African-American, has repeatedly accused Iggy, who is white, of copying black rappers and hip hop stars to make herself famous.


Star threatened with sex tape release

Iggy Azalea denies having a secret sex tape after hackers threaten to release a recording of the rapper.


Hackers threaten to leak Iggy Azalea sex tape

The Anonymous hacking group wants Azalea to apology to Azealia Banks within 48 hours.


Hackers to Iggy Azalea: Apologize for Racism or We?ll Reveal Sex Tape

Anonymous is trying to leverage an alleged sex tape against a female rapper


Hackers threaten to issue alleged Iggy Azalea 'sex tape' images

Rapper denies reports that she has a sex tape after a branch of Anonymous suggest otherwise following online altercation with Azealia Banks surrounding black culture A branch of the hacker group Anonymous has threatened Iggy Azalea following her recent criticism of rapper Azealia Banks. Accusing Azalea of ?misappropriating black culture? and ?making light of Eric Garner?s death?, an Anonymous ...


Hackers Threaten to Release Iggy Azalea's Alleged Sex Tape If She Doesn't Apo...

Well this is one way to get an apology. A mysterious Twitter handle named @TheAnonMessage has threatened to release still images from an alleged sex tape involving Iggy Azalea...


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